Worblaufen – Restoration works on the Tiefenau bridge

The Tiefenau bridge in Worb­laufen is consi­de­red as the main line of the Regio­nal­ver­kehr Bern-Solothurn (RBS). All railway lines cross that bridge, which belongs to the most fre­quen­ted railway bridges in Switzerland with 550 trains rides and 60'000 train pas­sen­gers daily.

Various elements of the 50-year-old con­struc­tion are damaged despite the occa­sio­nal con­so­li­da­tion and refur­bish­ment works. The resto­ra­tion works led by Marti AG Bern have started in April 2017. The end of con­struc­tion works, which include the replace­ment of the bridge bearings, the drainage system, the leaking bridging of joints and the sur­fa­cing of the walk­way, is plan­ned for late fall in 2018. Streng­the­ning mea­sures will be applied to the inside of the box girder as well as to the pillars and the abut­ments. Con­crete sur­faces, railings and cable ducts will be restored.

Since the Tiefenau bridge is declared an object worthy of pro­tec­tion by the can­to­nal depart­ment of monu­ment pre­ser­vation, the alte­ra­tion of exterior appearance of the 200 meters long, 11 meters wide and 30 meters tall bridge will be kept to a mini­mum.

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