Breakthrough Tunnel Clearance Belchen

Many guests from politics, such as the senior civil servant of the Canton of Basel-Landschaft Sabine Pegoraro or the senior civil servant of the Canton of Solo­thurn Roland Fürst and other cantonal and municipal repre­sen­ta­tives, as well as the director of the Federal Roads Service (FEDRO) Jürg Röth­lis­­ber­­ger and many cowor­kers of Marti AG greeted the miners and their statue of Saint Bar­bara after the break­through. Grati­tude was expres­sed for the miners, who had exca­va­ted 550'000 cubic meters of rock and who had over­come all the challen­ges of the complex geology with tireless com­mit­ment, and for Saint Barbara for her protec­tion and support during the entire, accident-free exca­va­tion works.

The break­through repre­sents an impor­tant mile­stone. The shell of the new tunnel tube will be built reliably and the opera­ting and secu­rity equip­ment will be instal­led in the next few years. Earlier than expec­ted, the tunnel will be ope­ra­tio­nal by 2021.

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