Breakthrough Schlossberg Thun

The invited guests followed the event on a big screen in the town hall of Thun, before using the new access from the Obere Haupt­gasse to parti­ci­pate in the festi­vi­ties in the cavern of the Schloss­berg Par­king.

Around 70 coworkers of the involved Marti com­pa­nies, Marti Tunnel­bau AG, Marti AG Bern and Marti Gene­ral­un­ter­neh­mung AG, have parti­ci­pated in this project which capti­vates by its size and comple­xity. The con­struc­tion site is located under­neath the land­mark of Thun, the Thun castle, and the city center.

Until the end of the excavation works, nearly 8'000 lorry drives will be required to trans­port the entire mass of rock from the two 80 meters long, 15 meters wide and 17 meters high caverns. 49'000 out of 51'000 cubic meters of rock from the Schloss­berg have already been milled out, mea­ning that the major building site is on schedule. Up until now, the road header weighing 130 tons used 4'500 cutters for the two caverns. The exca­va­tion works will last until July 2017 and will be followed by the con­cre­ting of the par­king level, the walls etc. Pedestrian connections to the Schloss­berg and to the Obere Haupt­gasse will be built until the opening of the parking garage that contains around 300 parking lots without  any columns.

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