Silo block for the fenaco cooperative

The first eight silo cells as well as the head­house were con­cre­ted up to a height of 9.5 meters within four days using a sliding form­work. The con­struc­tors worked in shifts round the clock. The fifteen remai­ning silo cells were also con­cre­ted at the same height in a second con­struc­tion phase with a rebuilt and adjusted sli­ding form­work. After the inser­tion of the steel fun­nels at the same level, the 23 silo cells will be com­ple­ted in two further con­struc­tion phases. The con­struc­tion works for these stages will be performed in 24-hour shift ope­ra­tion in 17 and 15 days respec­tively. The com­plete silo block will reach an overall height of 70 meters after its fina­li­za­tion. The shell con­struc­tion will be com­ple­ted in mid-July.​

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