Progress of the construction works on the hydropower station Burfell (Iceland)

The extension works on the hydro­power station Bur­fell (100 MW) have begun last spring. The cavern with an exca­va­tion volume of 35 000 m³, the two 100 m long shafts (Raise ­Drill d = 6 m and d = 4.5 m) as well as various hydro tun­nels and access tun­nels have already been exca­va­ted. The con­cre­ting works in the cavern, the hydrau­lic steel­work and the out­fit­ting work have begun on sche­dule.

The finishing works on the new power sta­tion are sche­duled for spring 2018. By put­ting it into ope­ra­tion, the new power station will be one of the main power pro­vi­der in Reykjavik.

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