Eppenberg Tunnel - Lifting of the drill head

The drill head, weighing 234 tons and measuring 12,79 meters in diameter, was fixed at the drive unit of the TBM using a crawler crane. 

The accomplished work and the perfect com­pli­ance with the work program were acknow­ledged during the speeches, espe­cially consi­de­ring the great challenge that the density of the circu­la­tion presen­ted. Approxi­ma­ti­vely 550 trains and 29'000 vehicles per day were circu­la­ting at the con­struc­tion site Eppen­berg. 

The 2400 tons heavy TBM will be comple­tely assem­bled at the end of the year and the exca­va­tion works of the approxi­ma­tely 3 kilo­meters long tunnel will begin in early August 2017. 

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