Start of construction work for the Schlossberg underground car park in Thun

​Responsibility for the planning and execution as general contractor lies with the ‘ARGE Marti Schlossberg’ consortium consisting of the companies Marti Generalunternehmung AG, Marti Tunnelbau AG and Marti Bern AG.

A new car park with 300 parking spaces is being constructed on eight mezzanine floors on Thun’s Schlossberg hill. The car park also serves to link Obere Hauptgasse, Schlossberg hill and Burgstrasse.

The location with its historical setting calls for an especially sensitive touch in terms of the architecture and construction techniques used.
The geological conditions are characterised by gompholite, sandstone and marl layers. A partial-face excavation machine will be used for the tunnelling. The logistical demands are considerable.Cramped conditions and highly restricted access make for a challenging working environment.

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