Marti expands its market position in Germany

Hessian Mobility / Road and Traffic Management Department have issued contracts to Marti for two interesting tunnel projects: the Frankenhain Tunnel and the Küchen Tunnel.

Frankenhain Tunnel
This construction site is located in the Kassel Government Region, Schwalm-Eder District, and is approximately 45 km from Kassel.
In addition to the Küchen Tunnel, this contract includes another motorway tunnel with two parallel tubes, each with a travelling length of 857 m and each accommodating a dual carriageway. Both tubes will be interconnected with two pedestrian cross-passages between them and another passageway that can handle vehicles. As the tunnelling progresses, the sprayed concrete exterior shell will be secured into the mountain rock with anchors. The interior shell will be constructed throughout with a steel-reinforced concrete arch.
Work began in January 2013 and will continue until June 2015.

Küchen Tunnel
The construction site is located approximately 30 km from Kassel.
The contract includes a road tunnel with two parallel tubes, each measuring 1.4 km long and each accommodating a dual carriageway. The tubes are interconnected with five cross-passages. In terms of tunnelling techniques, rock reinforcement is being done with an anchored exterior shell made of sprayed concrete. The interior shell will be built throughout with a reinforced concrete arch.
Work has already started and will last into 2015.

Together with the owner and the partners in the construction consortium, Marti looks forward to yet other exciting and challenging assignments.

Leading Members of the Consortium
ARGE Tunnel Frankenhain / Küchen

Marti Tunnelbau AG, Moosseedorf

Marti GmbH Deutschland, Stuttgart

Johann Bunte Bauunternehmung GmbH & Co. KG, Papenburg

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