Marti building a tunnel in the Kingdom of Bhutan

The demand for electricity in India is constantly increasing; supply bottlenecks are the order of the day. The Indian government has commissioned the building of several hydro-electric power plants to secure its country’s energy supply in the long term. One of these power plants will be situated on the banks of the River Mangdechhu in the Kingdom of Bhutan, to the north-east of India. The customer, Mangdechhu Hydroelectric Project Authority, is owned by the Indian and Bhutanese governments. The planned power plant will have a capacity of 720 MW.

The contract for constructing the 13.5-kilometre head race tunnel was awarded to Gammon India Ltd and Marti India Pvt. Ltd. Marti is responsible for an 8.8-kilometre long section. The head race tunnel has an outside diameter of 7.10 m and is being excavated by drilling and blasting. The volume of excavated material is in excess of 400,000 m³. The final lining of the tunnel will be in the form of an in-situ concrete inner shell.

Construction work started in June 2012 and is due to be completed by the spring of 2017. The first blasting operations were successful and the tunnel has already been driven almost 100 metres. The camp and site offices are taking shape. Site installations are a challenge in any tunnel project – but if the construction site is up to 2200 m above sea level, logistics costs increase many times over. It is essential to think far ahead and provide for substantial delays in the construction schedule before equipment and materials are in place on the site. Complicated customs formalities and lengthy journeys on slow and tortuous roads must be taken into account, just as the torrential rain which can wash out access roads within the shortest time.

The Marti employees on site are professionals and take this new challenge for granted. Besides the expertise and experience needed, they also have a healthy portion of flexibility and the ability to find fast and pragmatic solutions.

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