Breakthrough in the Feuerfelsen and Rennberg tunnels (D)

The 7 July 2011 represented an important milestone. The start of work on the Rennberg tunnel coincided with the breakthrough of the Feuerfelsen tunnel.

Since then work on the realisation of this project has continued around the clock.
40 employees of the Marti Coburg Ost consortium have done a great job. After just 270 days of tunnelling, in other words four weeks earlier than planned, the tunnelling crew achieved the breakthrough. The construction programme is now actually four months ahead of schedule.

Mrs. Barbara Stamm, President of the Bavarian State Parliament, as patron of the tunnel, together with the representatives of Deutsche Bahn, messrs. Klaus-Dieter Josel and Olaf Drescher, praised the excellent work of all those involved. Albrecht Gunzenhauser, CEO of Marti GmbH Deutschland, expressed his sincere thanks to his entire team.

The Rennberg tunnel is by no means one of the longest structures along the Ebensfeld – Erfurt new stretch of construction; it is however undoubtedly one of the most challenging sections of tunnel in geological terms. All the more reason for us to look back with pride on an accident-free tunnelling operation.

The opening of the new stretch of construction is planned for 2015.

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Johann Bunte Bauunternehmung GmbH & Co. KG, Papenburg

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