Creation of “Building 1”: Marti constructing the Roche main building

The new office building for Roche, the healthcare company, will set new benchmarks in terms of height: it will soar 178 metres in the air. “Building 1” will be the workplace for 2000 employees spread across 41 floors. A top floor cafeteria, 170 metres up, offers breathtaking views of the city of Basel. “Building 1” reflects the Roche tradition in building architecture.

The offices will be ready for occupation in 2015, with construction having started in March 2012. The purely Marti consortium, comprising the sister companies in Basel and Zurich, is responsible for the shell construction of what will be the highest building in Switzerland when it is completed. The new construction will be carried out in accordance with the Minergie standard.

The construction principle is similar to that used for the Prime Tower in Zurich which was also constructed by the firm of Marti. A 2.50 metre thick base plate, built on 143 foundation piles will bear the building load. Because of the height of the construction a self-climbing tower crane will be used. Because of the considerable horizontal forces created by the operation of the crane and the wind loads, the crane will be anchored to the outside of the tower using spans. A protective shield fitted to the existing concrete floors will be used instead of scaffolding. It will provide exactly the same level of protection for the construction personnel as a conventional scaffolding system which is unsuitable for a building of this height.

In March 2012 the project team of the Marti consortium moved into the site offices and began work. The team brings with it the experience gained in the construction of Zurich’s Prime Tower.

Leading Members of the Consortium
ARGE Marti, Roche Bau 1, B 01 Rohbau

Marti AG, Bauunternehmung, Zürich

Marti AG Basel, Basel


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