Cavern celebration on the Linth-Limmern construction site

Even when a 53 metre high cavern is on the construction agenda it doesn’t represent an insolvable task for a Marti construction team. It is certainly a challenge. Over a period of 18 months nearly 200'000 m³ of material has been blasted out of the rock and transported away stone by stone.

The machine cavern of the Limmern pumped storage station in the canton of Glarus was completed on schedule. The employees of the ARGE KWL (joint venture) accomplished the task and can be proud of what they have achieved.

On 7th March 2012 the client axpo invited the employees of the ARGE, as well as guests of the participating companies to a cavern celebration. The visitors who had travelled to the event had plenty to marvel at. The view from the gallery down into the huge cavern is breathtaking and a very impressive sight. The fact that the machine cavern was so huge was quite practical – plenty of space to fit 500 people, a band and four buffets.

Peter Jenni, Overall Project Manager for the Linthal Project 2015 and Rolf Dubach, Site Manager of the ARGE KWL, spoke briefly to the assembled guests. You could see from their faces how happy they were to have reached this milestone.

Following the first couple of songs from the band Rocktail the buffets were opened. After having transported a tunnel boring machine, caterpillar cranes and numerous tons of material – all via cable car – providing food and refreshments at a height of 1800 meters above sea level obviously posed no major problems for the catering.

After the meal the guests enjoyed a rock concert with an atmosphere that was totally unique: or in other words, how often do you get the opportunity to stage a concert in an underground cavern 53 metres high? The band played popular songs, enthralling everyone at the event. A truly unforgettable cavern celebration!

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Marti AG, Bauunternehmung, Zürich

Marti Technik AG, Moosseedorf

Toneatti AG, Bilten


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