Marti constructing the Tunnel de Court

The Marti Group has been selected to construct a further stage of the A16 highway. The joint venture ATC – Association Tunnel de Court is exclusively made up of companies from the Marti Group and has been chosen to carry out the Los 200 C.

The new, bidirectional motorway Tunnel de Court bypasses the village of Court in the South along the right edge of the valley and will link the Tunnel de Graitery on the West. The tunnel is 700 m long and will be excavated under a tube screen from the east to the west by using tunnel excavators. The resulting cavity will be secured by using steel arches and shotcrete.

Once the excavation work completed the inner concrete lining with the invert slab and the vault will be carried out. The construction of the complete road surface and infrastructure completes the works in the tunnel.

The Los 200 C also includes important earthworks at both portals for the construction of the motorway part in the open section.

During the construction period of about four years the team will work in two shifts.

Leading Members of the Consortium
ATC - Association Tunnel de Court

Marti Tunnelbau AG, Moosseedorf

Marti Travaux Spéciaux Neuchâtel SA, Cornaux

Marti AG Bern, Moosseedorf

Pro Routes SA, Tavannes

Parietti et Gindrat SA, Porrentruy


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