Revitalization of the shopping center Neumarkt in Burgdorf

​After 30 years of existence, the office building in the center of Burgdorf requires a makeover. An expansion of the commercial space is planned in addition to the renovation of the existing structure. 

The foundation engineering is doing well and it is expected to be completed by July 2016. The concreting of 8 of the 12 diaphragm wall windows occurred in May this year. The excavation using a 8 tons heavy grab and the concreting were smoothly executed despite the short distance to the existing structure (0-30cm depending on the window). The excavation and the montage of the jack posts will follow the works on the diaphragm wall. Simultaneously, the groundwater level lowering will be installed and the water inside the excavation pit will be drained. 

The sector Spezialtiefbau of the subsidiary Marti AG Bern proves its expertise while executing this interesting and challenging project in the midst of Burgdorf.

Marti Gruppe
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